Friday, January 7, 2011

Tips for Maintaining Healthy male Vital Tool

1. Stop smoking. Smoking speed up the formation of deposits in heart arteries, then the same process can occur in blood vessels that supply blood to the penis.
2. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant that works to slow reflexes, including in terms of sexual relations. Alcohol in addition to damaging sexual ability directly, if taken to excess in the long term can directly influence the testes, reduced hormone production.
3. Pay attention to drug reactions that you wear. Hundreds of medications can cause impotence as a side effect, including diuretics, high blood pressure-lowering others, some antidepressants, and antipsychotics. Ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking such drugs.
4. Do not be too fat. Being overweight can cause your penis length is reduced. Informal review of a number of overweight men showed that to some extent, an overweight man who will get back two and a half inches long penis for every 17 pounds of weight removal.
5. Exercise by running, do not walk. The more fit your body, the more often you can have sex, fine.
6. Reduce fatty foods. In terms of food, the important thing is to limit fat intake.
7. Keep your penis from injury. Injury to the penis is often the cause of impotence, injury to the penis can cause rupture of a fibrous wall that serves to withstand the pressure when an erection occurs. The damage is like that experienced by the wall of the car when it broke out because of tire-pavement hitting the speed is too high.

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