Sunday, January 9, 2011

Excessive meat consumption could result in speeding up puberty

Consumption of meat in the period of growth is needed. But if excessive, especially for girls, can result in periods come faster. Women who consume lots of meat in childhood tend to menstruate earlier, that the results of research that was launched in Public Health Nutrition, UK.
Researchers from England compared with the diet by more than 4,500 children aged 12 years. In the study noted that girls who eat meat in large quantities at the age of three years (more than eight servings per week) and at the age of 7 years (12 servings), closely associated with early puberty.

Dr Imogen Rogers, chairman of the research team of nutritional sciences senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, says that a diet of meat can make the body ready for pregnancy and trigger early puberty. In the 20th century, the average age girls start menstruating younger teens.
This condition is thought to occur because of better nutrition and rising obesity rates, which affect the hormones. In the latest study, the team used data from a group of children seen from the date of birth.
At the age of 12 years, they divided the group of children of women who have started menstruating and those who have not. Then compared with the diet they were doing at the age of three, seven, and 10 years, researchers found that consuming meat at a young age have close links with early menstruation.
In fact, eating meat at the age of seven years of increasing change in the early days of menstruation as much as 75 percent, at age 12 than those who ate meat at an older age. However, this finding was not based on weight. This study strengthens previous studies showing that girls have greater weight menstruate earlier than the lean.
Menstrual periods at an early age is closely linked with an increased risk of breast cancer, possibly because women have a greater level of estrogen throughout their lives. However, the researchers emphasize girls do not have to reduce consumption of meat as if they are over-consuming meat.
Children aged seven years, categorized the largest meat eating, spent 12 servings in a week, and children aged three years who have more than eight servings. Weight loss is not the only factor causing girls menstruate earlier than average age. He added that the meat is a good source of iron, and much needed during pregnancy.

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