Thursday, January 13, 2011

Improve Sex Passion

It is often we are reminded, and also understand very well that if every day of eating fruits and vegetables that contain various vitamins and minerals to maintain health. However, many people do not care, partly because of pressure and bustle of modern life. They'll pop to the supermarket or open the refrigerator, to buy or take food processed or canned. Practical. As was probably done almost every day by certain circles. However, did you know that processed foods or fast foods that contain saturated fat associated with decreased libido or loss of sexual desire alias? If you do not want you getting ngedrop libido, so the simplest way to avoid foods have it. Then switch to the fresh food that can maintain health and make a lackluster libido had returned ngejos.
Scientists have conducted research on a group of food which act against depression, and have a positive impact libido. Being on top of bananas (contain potassium - which is also good for the heart), cherries, cucumbers, asparagus, celery, and plums. Chocolate is also good for health, especially for patients heart disease. However, chocolate also contains phenylalanine - a amino acids that strengthen the body's endorphins and antidepressants are also can pump natural libido sexual desire ngebul so again. Other foods that have a reputation to be worth eating relation to matters of the bed is often more dependent on myths and beliefs than on research. However, there are two substances nutrients that might explain the belief that some foods it can arouse men's libido. Zinc and vitamin B6 plays an important role in the formation of hormones men, testosterone. The hormone testosterone helps men build erection and ejaculation. Oysters (oysters), which is perhaps the food choices The most known among the men, rich in minerals zinc (Zn). Infertility and loss of sexual desire can occur due Zn deficiency of this mineral. In sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 found in avocado and asparagus, two other food ingredients which also have a reputation as an increase sexual arousal. Other foodstuffs such as rice zinc mineral resources red, cheese, and turkey.
Examples of foods to boost libido menu can be like this:

Appetizers: oysters (zinc), asparagus (B6) or avocado (B6).
The main course: turkey (zinc) or chicken (B6) with potatoes (B6) or with red rice (zinc) and lentil (zinc).
Fruit: strawberries or pineapple (both containing B6).
Why wait, get the food consumption. As I do not forget exercising regularly so that your sexual life become better. Exercise makes your heart will pump blood into entire body (so to re-activate a variety of hormones) and on turn increases blood flow to vital tool By Kompas Cyber Media
Complement: Another way to boost the lackluster stamina is a reflection therapy / acupressure, which in principle works by balancing and flatten the energy in the body.

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