Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life Insurance Inhealth Indonesia

Inhealth - Managed Care InHealth - Managed Care (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver)

1. This product is a health insurance product which was held by using a managed care system implementation is more priority to control utilization and cost of health services with the goal of producing a more efficient health insurance.
2. Type of guarantee is a guarantee of health care (health care services) with comprehensive health care coverage to certain premium rate.
3. Coverage / scope of health insurance can be tailored to their level or class of employees or positions can also be customized with the ability of the company.
4. Choice of health care facilities in accordance with the network designated by Inhealth Indonesia. If participants use the facility outside the network then the costs incurred do not become dependent InHealth Indonesia, except for outpatient Diamond and Platinum.
5. Participants are required to choose a general practitioner who has been appointed as a family physician because of general practitioners in this system to function as a gate keeper or controller of health services, especially controlling referrals to a higher level of service.
1. Key benefits
1.1 First Level Health Services
a. First Level Outpatient b. First Hospitalization
1.2 Health Service Advanced Level
a. Advanced Outpatient b. Advanced Inpatient c. Special Services / Advanced d. Blood Services
1.3 Drug Services
2. Benefit Options
2.1 Maternity Services
2.2 Glasses
2.3 Hearing aids
2.4 dental prosthesis (denture)
2.5 limb prosthesis (artificial legs and or hands)
2.6 IOL (Intra ocular Lens) Special participants Inhealth Diamond and Platinum, they have separate facilities, for example, are entitled to health care in several hospitals around the Greater Jakarta exclusive and in various other provinces. Even for participants Inhealth Diamond, as the level teratasdari this scheme, obtained through the health care service facilities outside the country.

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