Sunday, January 2, 2011

How Natural And Healthy Diet

  • Eat foods that taste and adjust your calorie intake and regular wisely.
  • Drink plenty of mineral water.
  • Avoid foods that contain more than 10 percent fat. Read the nutrition information labels on the boxes of food.
  • Choose foods that are boiled, berkuah, in teams, or burned before you choose a deep-fried.
  • Get enough sleep! Prolonged fatigue will cause you to reach food high in calories.
  • Soy milk is a better alternative to consume low-fat milk.
  • For maximum fat burning then you are required to eat nuts.
  • Bananas are the best foods before you start exercising. Banana filled with potassium which helps with muscle and water levels in your body.
  •  Make sure you get enough sun. Vitamin D will help you get more calcium that will further accelerate the process of metabolism.
  •  Avoid eating snacks. 

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