Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dangers of Passive Smokers

Inhaling someone else's cigarette smoke is more dangerous than smoking itself. Even the dangers which must be borne passive smokers are three times more than the dangers of active smokers.

According to doctors, as much as 25 percent of the hazardous substances contained in cigarette smoke enter the body, while 75 percent free air circulating in the risk of entry into the body of people around him.

The concentration of harmful substances in the body of passive smokers is greater because the poison is sucked through the cigarette smoke of active smokers are not filtered. While cigarette toxins in the body of active smokers filtered through the end of cigarettes smoked. "But the concentration of toxins active smokers could increase if the active smokers inhale smoke again that he exhales."

Toxins produced by largest tobacco smoke billowing from the tip of the cigarette is not inhaled. Because the smoke produced from burning tobacco that is not perfect.

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