Friday, December 24, 2010

Tight Jeans Pants Mushroom Trigger

Many of the women who want the appearance of visible sexysenyum, so wear clothes that tend to be tight for to show her shape. Especially students and students very often they wear tight jeans, to trousers of this type becomes the primary choice for them.Indeed, these pants easily obtained and easily in the mix with a lot of other fashion. This is what makes this much-loved jeans.But did they know when to wear jeans constantly less good for health especially for kewanitaansedih sex organs.These jeans are made of material thick enough, let alone the kind of straight jeans or jeans that fits in the body. This can cause a burning sensation in the female organs and trigger the production of sweat a lot. Plus air circulation in the area of femininity also disrupted due to the thick material, whereas the region requires that sufficient air circulation, so the sweat dries quickly.

If this happens constantly then, the area will become moist and easy to trigger the growth of mold. Besides, the risk for irritation or infection is also getting bigger.


  1. nice info, thanks :P

  2. oh, that's scary. i'm among all those jeans-lovers..guess i need to limit it to only 2-3 times a week. thanks! ^^