Thursday, December 23, 2010

Insurance Benefits

Health insurance is a type of insurance that protect the availability of funds when an individual or a family member became ill. All the needs of the doctor to have to stay in the hospital with various needs such as, cost of medication in the hospital until all operations are covered by the insurance company. In general, the type of treatment or programs that are available are the benefits of ambulatory (outpatient), benefit-hospital (inpatient), labor benefits and dental benefits.
 In general, the benefits of outpatient (Outpatient) incurred by the insurance company is:* GP Consultations* Providing referrals to doctors when necessary spesilis* Consult a medical specialist* The purchase of medicines in accordance with the list of drugs* Pemerikasaan diagnostic support
In the outpatient benefits have maximum limits use of funds each year. Of the total cost of expenditures for outpatient care, in general, in every insurance company requires the insured to pay 20 percent.
Benefits associated with the birth of the child labor, the cost of normal delivery, delivery with additional tools and operating S-caesacea. For there persalian benefit waiting period is usually up to 280 days. Each insurance company has a limit of the waiting period that is different.
As for the benefits of preventive dental care, basic dental care, dental care complex and the installation of dentures. For all treatments insurance companies typically limit the number of total costs that can be used per year. The dental benefits are an obligation for the insured to pay 20 percent of the cost of care (same as outpatient benefits.)
The three benefits of treatment as above, namely outpatient, maternity and dental benefits is an additional option you can take by following the basic program of hospitalization benefits. So you can not just take advantage of outpatient only, labor only, or dental treatment without following the basic program hospitalization benefits.
For the benefit of hospitalization in which the basic benefits that should be taken first, hospitalization benefits coverage in general is almost the same from various insurance companies that exist. The benefits are:* The cost of accommodation space* Fee Non-ICU accommodation* Consult your doctor* Consultation specialists* The cost of surgery, complex, major, intermediate and minor* Other expenses include hospital: drug cost, laboratory tests and diagnostic* Maintain the road 30 days before and after hospitalization* Nursing home* Local ambulance service* Maintain an emergency road accident* Treat dental emergency road accident* Compensation for death
The amount of coverage is very dependent on the program you take, the various insurance companies using the name or type of program is different. For inpatient amount of the premium to be paid annual visits from the cost of accommodation in the hospital room you choose, for example, you choose the cost of accommodation at a cost of Rp. 200 000 then the next following benefit program options specified. For these three additional programs, premium to be paid for outpatient care based on the size of the selected GP consultations, delivery based on the desired cost of natural childbirth and dental care in terms of basic care.

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