Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Insurance Jiwasraya Indonesia

The company was incorporated as a noble purpose, namely to educate the community plan for the future. Date December 31, 1859 into the early gait BNI in Indonesia who was born with the name of the Nederlandsche Indische Levenverzekering Lijvrente en Maatschappij (NILLMIJ). In the process, the company has nine company-owned smelting with other Dutch colonial government and a national company. In 1973 switched to the Indonesian government-owned company that is now better known as the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).No wonder if the insurance company red plate is a place on the world stage. Starting: educate the community plan for the future, companies that have a 'flight hours' high-skilled is increasingly spoiling policyholders and partners. Jiwasraya born on December 31, 1859 in Batavia by name Nederlandshe Levenverzekering Indische Maatschappij en Lijvrente (NILLMIJ). In a way, this company has smelting Nine-owned company with other Dutch colonial government and one national company. In 1973, Jiwasraya turning to companies owned by the government of Indonesia aka State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs). Jiwasraya became the only state-owned Life Insurance in the ground water and emerged as the largest provider of life insurance through the debut of breakthrough product that the public interest. In line with noble intentions, life insurance companies is also a pioneer in education spawned insurance products, namely Caturkarsa JSPrestasi and scholarships. This product is to educate the importance of planning education or insurance fee scholarships in Indonesia. In addition, the ingenuity in the target customer needs to deliver Jiwasraya able to develop innovative products that provide additional protection of investment value. Investment-based insurance products (unit-linked) Jiwasraya, namely JS Link Fixed Income, JS Link Equity Fund, Balanced Fund and JS Link. Furthermore, JS Saving Plan, JS Savings Plan A and Plan JS dollar a solution for customers who want insurance with high yields in the short term. There is also, who put forward the elements of protection products and traditional investments, namely Multi Protection Fund JS and JS Dwiguna Ascending. The products are suitable for customers who are interested in a double benefit from long-term protection and guarantee of high value investment. In fact, Jiwasraya also provides insurance products designed specifically for the customer (tailor-made), such as employee Benefit Programs, death insurance, health insurance and pensions. The advantages of these products are also backed by the power of information technology and services company employee who won the 1100 ISO 9000-2000 for quality management system application. Jiwasraya wingspan that expanded in 17 regional offices, 71 offices and 388 branch offices and service operations throughout Indonesia are increasingly making SOEs near the heart of society. Sticking to the corporate culture values: integrity, competence, customer oriented and business oriented, the company more than 150-year-old is ready to drive in tight competition in the country industriasuransi soul. The oldest life insurance company in Indonesia, this focus provides a sense of security assurance for the quality of life of the policyholder.

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